2020 Agenda

Agenda timing is Australian Central Standard Time – ACST


9:30 ACST
11:10 AEDT

OPENING | NT Resources Week

9:35 ACST
11:05 AEDT

Welcome to Country

9:40 ACST
11:10 AEDT

Opening remarks from the Chair

Alister Trier, Chair, Gas Taskforce, Department of the Chief Minister & Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

9:45 ACST
11:15 AEDT

Northern Territory Chief Minister’s Address

The Hon. Michael Gunner MLA, Chief Minister, Northern Territory

10:05 ACST
11:35 AEDT

Federal Ministerial Address

The Hon. Keith Pitt MP, Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia


10:20 ACST
11:50 AEDT

Current Economic Outlook – The ever-changing face of the global economy and the impact for mining, oil and gas

Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, HSBC

10:45 ACST
12:15 AEDT

Networking and refreshment break

Remembrance Day One Minute Silence at 11am

11:10 ACST
12:40 AEDT

PANEL DISCUSSION | Getting back to business post COVID-19

Shaun Drabsch, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Industry, Tourism & Trade,
Northern Territory Government
Andrew McConville, Chief Executive, APPEA
Tania Constable PSM, Chief Executive Officer, Minerals Council of Australia
James Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry


11:50 ACST
1:20 AEDT

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Drew Wagner, Executive Director – Northern Territory Division, Minerals Council of Australia

12:00 ACST
1:30 AEDT

Celebrating 40 years of operation in the Kakadu Region

  • Demonstrating world class rehabilitation
  • Completing the journey – transitioning operations and the ERA community

Paul Arnold, Chief Executive, Energy Resources Australia

12:25 ACST
1:55 AEDT

KEYNOTE ADDRESS | Northern Territory Government

The Hon. Nicole Manison, Minister for Mining and Industry, Northern Territory
An invitation has been extended to The Hon. Nicole Manison, Minister for Mining and Industry

12:50 ACST
2:20 AEDT

PANEL DISCUSSION | Attracting Investment for Territory Mines

The Northern Territory is a minerals district of world-class potential, and the next generation of Territorian mines represent an excellent path to growth in a post-COVID economic rebound, but this is not without its challenges. Hearing from a cross-section of industry and government, we examine the challenges in securing capital for new mines – both domestic and international – alongside strategic analysis on how we can overcome these barriers, and ensure the delivery of the next generation of Territory mines.

Chris Tziolis, Managing Director, Verdant Minerals
Fiona Park, Senior Director – Major Projects and Minerals, Department of Chief Minister & Cabinet, Northern Territory Government
Warren Pearce, Chief Executive Officer, AMEC
Facilitated by Drew Wagner, Executive Director – Northern Territory Division, Minerals Council of Australia

1:30 ACST
3:00 AEDT

Lunch and networking break


2:20 ACST
3:50 AEDT

McArthur River Mine

Steven Rooney, General Manager, McArthur River Mine, Glencore

2:50 ACST
4:20 AEDT

Tanami Mine Update

Luke Cox, Manager of Technical Services (Tanami), Newmont Tanami

3:20 ACST
4:50 AEDT

Closing remarks from the Chair & End of Day One

9.30 ACST
11:00 AEDT

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Dorothy Close, Director, Regional Geoscience, Northern Territory Geological Survey

9.35 ACST
11:05 AEDT

NTGS Update

Dr Ian Scrimgeour, Executive Director, Northern Territory Geological Survey

10:00 ACST
11:30 AEDT

Geoscience Australia

Dr Andrew Heap, Chief, Resources Division, Geoscience Australia

10:25 ACST
11:55 AEDT

The Territory’s First Lithium Mine

Stephen Biggins, Managing Director, Core Lithium

10:50 ACST
12:20 AEDT

Networking and refreshment break

11:20 ACST
12:50 AEDT

Nolan’s Bore

Gavin Lockyer, Managing Director, Arafura Resources

11:45 ACST
1:15 AEDT

Bacchus Update

David Ward, Chief Geologist, Bacchus Resources

12:10 ACST
1:40 AEDT

Tennant Creek Mineral Field and beyond

Rob Bills, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Emmerson Resources

12:35 ACST
2:05 AEDT

Encounter in the TerritoryExploration Update

Will Robinson, Managing Director, Encounter Resources

1:00 ACST
2:30 AEDT

Lunch and networking break

1:50 ACST
3:20 AEDT

Prodigy Exploration Update

Matt Briggs, Managing Director, Prodigy Gold NL

2:15 ACST
3:45 AEDT

Rover & Warumpi

Mark Hepburn, Managing Director, Castile Resources

2:40 ACST
4:20 AEDT

Exploration Update

An invitation has been extended to a leading Northern Territory Minerals explorer

3:05 ACST
4:35 AEDT

Closing remarks from the chair & End of Day Two

9.30 ACST
11:00 AEDT

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Fiona Park, Senior Director – Major Projects and Minerals, Department of Chief Minister & Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

9.35 ACST
11:05 AEDT

Water & The Mining Sector

Phillipa Hunter, Assistant Director, Mining & Petroleum, Water Resources,
Department of Environment and Natural Resources NT

10:00 ACST
11:30 AEDT

Developing the skills needed for the next generation of Territory Mines

Stephen Goodall, Chief Policy Officer, Chamber of Commerce NT

10:25 ACST
11:55 AEDT

Networking and refreshment break

10:55 ACST
12:20 AEDT

Mt Todd

Brent Murdoch, Director & general Manager, Vista Gold Australia

11:15 ACST
12:45 AEDT

Eclipse in the Territory

Carl Popal, Executive Director & Chairman, Eclipse Metals

11:40 ACST
1:10 AEDT

TRSA Update

Teresa Cummings, Chairman, TRSA

12:00 ACST
1:30 AEDT

Lunch and networking break


12:50 ACST
2:20 AEDT

Stimulating exploration through new geoscience under the Resourcing the Territory initiative

Dorothy Close, Director Regional Geoscience, NTGS

1:20 ACST
2:50 AEDT

New Re-Os age constraints on the timing of tungsten and copper mineralisation in the Warramunga Province

Jo Whelan, Manager Basement Geoscience, NTGS

1:40 ACST
3:10 AEDT

Geophysical exploration techniques used in the Tennant Creek mineral field and Rover field

Matthew Hutchens, Senior Geophysicist, NTGS

1:55 ACST
3:25 AEDT

Why East Tennant?

Wenping Jiang, Senior Geophysicist Modelling and Processing, Geoscience Australia

2:10 ACST
3:40 AEDT

The MinEx CRC East Tennant National Drilling Initiative Project – An Update

Anthony Schofield, Activity Leader – Undercover Geology and Stratigraphic Drilling, Geoscience Australia

2:25 ACST
3:55 AEDT

Beyond East Tennant – Further Opportunities in the NT

James Murr, Mineral Systems Geoscientist, Geoscience Australia
Marcus Haynes, Computational Geoscientist, Geoscience Australia

2:40 ACST
4:10 AEDT

Closing remarks from the chair

2:50 ACST
4:20 AEDT



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